Lunch Menu & Food Service

Minooka Community High School's cafeteria offers students a variety of choices for breakfast and lunch each day as administered by Quest Food Management Services. Quest’s mission is to provide our students with fresh high-quality food. The menu and price list can be found on the district's website.

Negative Lunch Balances

Please ensure your student has funds in their PowerSchool account or cash available to purchase a lunch.  In the rare event that your student does not have funds in their PowerSchool account and no cash to purchase a lunch, they will not go hungry.  They may receive the Minooka Big Meal Deal and charge it to their PowerSchool account which will create a negative balance.  There is a maximum negative lunch balance of 50 dollars.  The Minooka Big Meal Deal consists of a 1) slice of pizza, hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken sandwich, Pretzel w/ cheese, or Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich;  2) Small Soup or Small Tossed Salad, 3) fruit and vegetable; & 4) milk or water.   Please note that only the Minooka Big Meal can be purchased with a negative lunch balance.

You will receive notice by email every week your student has a negative lunch balance with instructions to place funds in your student’s PowerSchool account to cover the negative balance. If you do not wish your student to incur a negative lunch balance please contact the persons below and a notation will be made in your student’s PowerSchool account.  Students from households that meet federal guidelines are eligible for free or reduced-price meal services can complete the Free and Reduced Lunch form. This form is available via Powerschool under "enrollment forms".

If in the rare occurrence, your student has a $50 negative lunch balance and requires a lunch they will be given a sack lunch consisting of a PBJ or Lunchmeat Sandwich, a bag of chips, a piece of whole Fruit, and Milk or Water.  

Adding Lunch Money Instructions

Monthly Lunch Menus


Burt Stencel

Food Service Director - South Campus
Email Burt Stencel


Mary Lou Engel

Quest Food Service Supervisor - Central Campus
Email Mary Lou Engel