Buildings & Grounds

Minooka Community High School District 111 is required to notify parents, teachers, and employee organizations once a year about asbestos-related activities. Materials known or assumed to contain asbestos are found at Central High School. Information about the presence, location, and quantity of these materials can be found in the Asbestos Management Plan at the District Maintenance Office and the individual schools.

District 111 performs asbestos reinspections every three years and periodically surveys asbestos. No response actions are currently planned. Notification will be provided before any response action begins.

Please see below list of MCHS Safety Data Sheets:
75% Alcohol wipes
Alpha PH Multi-Surface Cleaner
Crew Heavy Duty Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Crew Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner
Deep Gloss Maintainer For Stainless Steel
End Bac II Spray Disinfectant
Glance HC  Glass & Muti-Surface Cleaner
GP Forward SC General Purpase Cleaner
Gum Remover
Material Saftey Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet  Spartan Chemical Company , INC
SDS Safety Data Sheet - section 1 product Identification - Environmental
SDS Safety Data Sheet - Section 1 Product Identification - sports multi purpose
Glance HC Glass and Mult_001
GP Forward SC General Pu_001
spitfire SC Power Cleaner
Stride Citrus HC Neutral Cleaner
Safety Data Sheet - RV Date 03-Nov-2016
Safety Data Sheet - RV Date 13-June-2018
Safety Data Sheet - RV Date 21-July-2015 #2
Safety Data Sheet - RV Date 21-july-2015
Safety Data Sheet - RV Date 23-Oct-2017
Safety Data Sheet - RV Date 30-July-2015