Social Studies Department

The Minooka Community High School Social Studies Department recognizes its function to be transmitting knowledge of past events and encouraging students to draw parallels between those events and their own lives to prepare them to live in our complex world. The department is also committed to instructing students about the interrelationships in our global society so that students will be prepared to meet the challenges that the shrinking planet will present in their lifetimes. In addition, the department recognizes the importance of teaching students to be knowledgeable consumers and educating them to take their places as responsibly active citizens within our political system. Finally, the department recognizes its responsibility to instill in students an appreciation and respect for perse cultures and a basic knowledge of the dynamics of our economy and those of other countries in the world. In meeting these goals, the department will be preparing citizens of the highest quality to take their places in our increasingly complicated global community. The department is committed to challenging students to perform to the best of their ability and will stress written and oral communication, critical thinking skills, research, reading, and technology in all courses.

The Minooka Community High School Arts Department at Minooka Community High School recognizes its function to provide a comprehensive, sequential, instructional program. The instruction shall insure students the opportunity to develop musical and artistic skills, cultural and historical knowledge, and aesthetic appreciation that will enable the student to create, perceive and critique art and music now and in the future. The Department believes in the following concepts: art and music have aesthetic value and are worth knowing; they are a reflection of our culture heritage; there is art and music potential in every student; art and music provide an outlet for creativity and self expression; they teach us about our relationships with other cultures; they can be one of the most powerful and profound symbol systems; they help students learn that not all aspects of life are quantifiable.

Department Chair:

Chris Pendergast
Social Studies Department Chair
Minooka Community High School District #111
Email: [email protected]

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