R.E.A.C.H. (Realizing Educational and Career Hopes) is a Grundy County Special Education Cooperative high school program servicing students of Minooka Community High School, Morris High School, and Gardner South Wilmington who are in need of life skills-based instruction.

Students in the R.E.A.C.H. program benefit from direct instruction in daily living skills, vocational training, and social communication. Currently, there are four classrooms housed at Minooka Community High School Central Campus, and one at Minooka Community High School South Campus. In addition to our life skills classrooms, MCHS Central Campus is home to our County Multi Needs program. Students in this program benefit from a therapeutic program that infuses daily therapies into curricular activities. 

REACH Program Coordinator
Kate Ross
STARS Program Coordinator
Kate Ross

REACH High School Teachers
Tammy Batson
Jenny Wicevic
Carrie Kravitz

Sarah Bell
Julia Easter

STARS High School Teacher
Kyle Prieboy

REACH High School Assistants
Andrea Sorensen
Sarah Kozel
Amy Costanzo
Jenny Gallardo
Ken Buck
Beth Mangun
Melanie Trost
Allie Shanholtzer

Tami Maland
Holly Ebert
Amy Kinnett
Michelle Wren
Conda McFee
Kim Willoughby
Larissa Lopez
Marisa Williams
Karleen Nalepka

Megan Ragland
Patti Seaverson
Marie Kolniak
Rita Maland

Additional Staff
Jessica Heinrich, Nurse
Amy Roloff, Social Worker
Jamie Noon, Occupational Therapist

Heather Manthey, Occupational Therapist
Patty Phelps, Speech
Sharon McGreal, Speech

Vicki Guth, Physical Therpist
Rochelle Prospero, Vision Itinerant
Chadd Morrissy, Adaptive PE
Stephanie Haub, Adaptive PE
Marie-Therese Bonomo, Speech
Sue Grimler, Physically Impaired Itinerant