Schedule a Conference

Schedule a Conference

How to Schedule a Conference Appointment


Minooka Community High School will host Parent-Teacher conferences:

Monday, November 21, 2022

10:00am - 6:00pm

(Teachers will have a meal break from 1:30pm - 3:00pm. No conferences will be scheduled during this time.)

*ALL conferences will take place at South Campus, and also include a Virtual Option


Please Note: Due to Parent-Teacher conferences being held on Monday, November 21st, and the Teacher Institute being held on Tuesday, November 22nd, students will not be in attendance on these days.  Thanksgiving break will be Wednesday, November 23rd through Friday, November 25th.


Instructions on how to schedule a virtual conference appointment


Create a New Account and add your child to the account. To do this, please click on the PTC wizard icon below. (Each year MCHS clears out all account information so a new account will need to be created.) Once your account has been created, select conferences one at a time, by choosing each teacher you would like to meet with.


PTC Wizard Link Icon

Click Here for the PTC wizard sign in.



Click on Add a Meeting to begin. Once you have completed your conference selections, you may choose to designate one or more virtual conferences. You will do this by clicking on the blue Zoom icon on the LEFT side of that particular conference row. Once you designate a conference to be virtual, you will see the Zoom icon along with Join Meeting appear on the RIGHT side of that particular conference row.


*Example below shows the first conference has been selected as virtual and the second conference as in person as designated by the room number where the conference will be held.


PTC Wizard example


Should you have any trouble scheduling conferences, please contact Ms. Marci Jordan for assistance at 815-467-2140, ext. 5067.