Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is essential for academic success, and is required in all classes held at MCHS attendance centers, including JJC courses and GAVC courses. The state laws of Illinois are very specific concerning the matter of pupil attendance in public school. It is assumed that students will always be in school except for cases of illness or serious family crisis. The guidelines of the State of Illinois regarding attendance are as follows:

- Absent 30 minutes or less will show as a full day present
- Absent 31 to 210 minutes will show as one-half day absent
- Absent 211 to 360 minutes will show as a full day absent

Parents should contact the main office if there is a question or extracurricular eligibility due to an absence.

Reporting an Absence

The following provisions have been made to govern the attendance policy:

It is requested that parents call the office to verify and explain the absence before 9 A.M. on the day of the absence. It is the responsibility of the student to remind the parent to make this phone call. In the event a phone call cannot be made during school hours, a voice mail system is available for parents to provide the above information at phone number (Central Campus - 815-521-2711; South Campus - 815-521-4133). Failure to call the school within a 24-hour period will result in a student receiving an unexcused absence.

To read more about attendance, see the student handbook.

Excused Absences

Excused absences permit the student to make up missed assignments including quizzes, tests, review material and final exams and earn credit. It is the responsibility of the student to make the appropriate arrangements for the academic assignments to be made up.

Refer to the student handbook for a list of VALID CAUSES for an excused absence.


A 4 Step Approach to Absentee Reduction

To improve daily school attendance Minooka Community High School District 111 will utilize the following interventions: support systems, parental involvement, possible home visits by the Dean's Office, Guidance Counselors and the Grundy County Regional Office of Education. By addressing the underlying issues associated with absenteeism and providing supportive parental education, District #111 expects to reduce absenteeism. The Dean's Office will manage all issues relating to student attendance.

To read more about the 4 Step approach, see the student handbook.