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The purpose of the English department at MCHS is to foster the habits of mind, critical thinking, and literacy skills—reading, writing, listening, speaking, and digital communication—that are necessary for students’ success as engaged and informed lifelong learners in various rhetorical and creative contexts.

Parents and Students:

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Department Members

JaRita Steward
Department Chair

Tripp Burton
Megan Caldwell

Julie Creagh
Heather Danek
Michelle Erickson
Olivia Gerk
Leslie Hencinski
Erika Hollmier >Teacher's Web Site
Mike Kargle
Michael Kimberlin
Kathy Kipp
Laura Landers
Ron Maruszak
Jen Morgan
Nora Murphy
Becky Nemeth
Christine O'Brien
Ann Rapsky
Julia Riedmaier
Anthony Rink
Matt Thomas >Teacher's Web Site
Beth TorrenceTeacher's Web Site
Andres Torres