Regular attendance is essential for academic success, and is required in all classes held at MCHS
attendance centers, including JJC courses and GAVC courses. The state laws of Illinois are very
specific concerning the matter of pupil attendance in public schools. It is assumed that students will
always be in school except for cases of illness or serious family crisis. The guidelines of the State of
Illinois regarding attendance are as follows:

- Absent 30 minutes or less will show as a full day present
- Absent 31 to 210 minutes will show as one-half a day absent
- Absent 211 to 360 minutes will show as a full day absent.

Parents should contact the main office if there is a question of extracurricular eligibility due to an

A student may accumulate seven (7) absences within each semester. Any absence following the
seventh absence will be unexcused. In order for the absence to be excused, a student will be
required to provide documentation from the list below. This policy will apply to a student being
absent from a single class period seven times and/or a student missing two or more class periods,
which will count as a full day absence, for seven days. Seven (7) absences does not equal seven (7) days.
Absence from one class is equal to a 1⁄2 day absence per the ISBE attendance policy.

Note that vacation days will be included as part of the 7 total days allowed per semester. Be advised
extended vacation beyond seven days will turn into unexcused absences, which will prevent credit
for make-up work. A Vacation Form (available in the Deans’ Office) must be submitted.

Arrangements for absences due to doctor appointments, court appearances, vacations, etc., should
be made in advance. It is recommended to bring in documentation for any absence listed below
every time an absence of this type occurs in order to avoid an accumulation of unexcused absences
due to lack of documentation.

Provided documentation, from the list below, will not count towards a students seven (7) absences
allowed per semester. Documentation must be provided within 48 hours.
1. Doctor/Dentist Note
2. Death in the family
3. Court appearance
4. College visit
5. Hospitalization

Example of absences that will count towards a students seven (7) absences allowed per semester.
1. Sick without Doctor note
2. Vacation
3. Tardy/late to school greater than 30 minutes
4. Student sent home through the nurse’s office
5. Unexcused absence Again, an UNEXCUSED ABSENCE even with a parent phone call prevents
the student from earning academic credit for that absence, and the student may receive disciplinary

Refer to the student handbook for a list of VALID CAUSES for an excused absence.

The following provisions have been made to govern the attendance policy:
a. It is requested that parents call the office to verify and explain the absence before 9 A.M. on the
day of the absence. It is the responsibility of the student to remind the parent to make this phone
b. In the event a phone call cannot be made during school hours, a voice mail system is available for
parents to provide the above information at the Junior/Senior Campus phone number 815-467-2140.
For the Freshman/Sophomore Campus call 815-521-4001.
c. Failure to call the school within a 24-hour period will result in a student receiving an unexcused
d. Upon investigation, the Deans’ office reserves the right to excuse absences beyond the 24-hour
time period.

Minooka Community High School District 111 will utilize the following interventions: support systems,
parental involvement, possible home visits by the Dean's Office, Guidance Counselors and the
Grundy County Regional Office of Education. By addressing the underlying issues associated with
absenteeism and providing supportive parental education, District #111 expects to reduce
absenteeism. The Dean's Office will manage all issues relating to student attendance.