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Welcome to the Central Campus Academic Resource Center (ARC)
The Central Campus Academic Resource Center (ARC) is available to MCHS students and their parents to assist them in preparing for life after high school. Choosing a career path can be a difficult decision. When students have some idea of the type of career they are interested in, it helps determine a college major or type of school would be best suited to accomplish their goals. This is a decision-making process through which students assess their strengths and preferences to make informed choices. Students can use the ARC for all aspects of post-secondary planning, such as, college and career research, assistance with college applications, learning about the financial aid process and scholarships. College representative visits are also done through the ARC.

A student can use the ARC by making an appointment with the ARC supervisor. Appointments can be made throughout the day and will be given on a first come, first served basis and will be scheduled during a student’s resource if possible. If a student would like to attend a college representative presentation, the student must see the ARC supervisor for a pass.

Choosing a College
The College Essay
Letters of Recommendation
Guide to the College Admissions Process
Tips for Parents: Dos and Don'ts for Helping Your Child with the College Selection Process

College Search Information
State Universities in Illinois - At A Glance
12 Reasons to Stay in Illinois
Junior Colleges
ISAC Student Portal
Before College Planning
College Board

Online College Resources
Guide to Online Education
The Best Online Colleges

Tips for Attending College Fairs
The College Fair season is upon us! If you plan to attend one, please consider some good ways to be prepared. The following link to National College Fairs does a nice job of explaining how to take full advantage of a trip to a college fair:
National College Fairs - College Fair Tips

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Ultimate FAFSA Resource Guide - Financial Aid Database
Accredited Schools Online - Financial Assistance for Low-Income Students  |  Financial Aid
Student Loan Guidebook

Scholarship Search Sites & Resources
Local Scholarship Opportunities - exclusive to MCHS seniors
Good Call Scholarship Engine
Scholarships for Minorities

Varsity Tutors
ACT - Varsity Tutors
SAT - Varsity Tutors