Board of Education


The Minooka Community High School District 111 Board of Education is composed of elected representatives from the District 111 community. In Illinois, public education is the state's constitutional responsibility. The state delegates the authority to govern school districts to local school boards. Boards are made up of seven district residents elected to serve staggered terms of four years without pay. So, although the board is politically responsible to district voters, it is legally responsible to the state.

Specifically, the MCHS District #111 Board of Education works to:

  • adopt goals and policies that meet state requirements and reflect community needs;
  • provide the resources necessary to pursue its goals according to its policies; and
  • monitor district performance to see that results are consistent with goals and policies.

The MCHS District #111 Board of Education operates under a committee structure. Committees consist of two to three board members, along with Administrative advisors. The committee structure allows board members to study issues in depth, and assist in forming recommendations for action by the full board.

Committee work takes place in open meetings, which are posted in the same manner as regular meetings. However, no action can be taken at a committee meeting. All action and business by the Board of Education is conducted during regular school board meetings.