Student Services Office

The Student Services Office at Minooka Community High School is designed to help students learn about themselves, identify their interests, investigate the world of work and take direct action to build lifelong competencies while in high school. High school students are faced with the prospect of numerous and diverse choices in post-secondary planning. In any decision-making process, gathering information is the key step. To achieve these objectives, students and parents are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities and programs throughout their four years of high school. In the freshman year, counselors meet with students to help them understand their own learning styles and review available guidance services. Sophomore year focuses on career options and the PLAN, practice ACT test. In the junior year, counselors meet with students and an overview of post-secondary educational planning is presented. During the senior year, students examine options, submit college applications and make post-graduation decisions. Throughout the four years of high school, students are encouraged to meet individually with their counselors. Our college coordinator is available as a resource person.

Contact Information

Guidance Staff        
Central Campus -
Bobbi White (815) 467-2140 ext. 5072 Counselor (A-E) Central
Kristin Carlson (815) 467-2140 ext. 5058 Counselor (F-La) Central
Jessica Hopkins (815) 467-2140 ext. 5084 Counselor (Lb-Rn) Central
Ray Liberatore (815) 467-2140 ext. 5091 Counselor (Ro-Z) Central
South Campus -
Stan Tischer (815) 521-4001 ext. 4164 Counselor (A-G) South
Kristina Brown (815) 521-4001 ext. 4165 Counselor (H-O) South
Angela Ferro (815) 521-4001 ext. 4155 Counselor (P-Z) South
Career Center        
TBA (815) 467-2140   Career Center Manager Central
Katie Castello (815) 521-4001 ext. 4209 Career Center Manager South
Health Services        
TBA (815) 521-4001 ext. 4183 Registered Nurse South
Peggy Babic (815) 467-2140 ext. 5045 Registered Nurse Central
Social Worker        
TBA (815) 467-2140 ext. 5103 Social Worker Central
Melissa Caruso (815) 521-4001 ext. 4189 Social Worker South
Erik Milnes (815) 521-4001 ext. 4067 Social Worker South
School Psychologist        
Lauren Corsi (815) 521-4001 ext. 4071 School Psychologist South
Deborah Muehlbauer (815) 467-2140 ext. 5100 Registrar Central
Stephanie Ledesma (815) 467-2140 ext. 5090 Asst. Registrar Central
Matt Wikoff (815) 467-2140 ext. 5038 Assistant Principal Central
Matt Clark (815) 521-4001 ext. 4150 Assistant Principal South
Joseph V. Pacetti (815) 467-2140 ext. 5035 Dir. of Student Services Central