MCHS District 111 Celebrates Staff Service

MCHS District 111 Celebrates Staff Service
Posted on 08/23/2017
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Minooka Community High School District 111 took time during its in-service days prior to the start of the 2017-2018 school year to recognize the service of several staff members. Honorees were presented with a token of appreciation from the school district.

5 Years of Service
Peggy Babic, Thomas Boroni, Anne Butler, Jean Caliban, John Carr, Melissa Caruso, Lauren Corsi, Vincent D'Aguanno, Nicole Diamond, Troy Durdan, Sarah Dzak, Michelle Fernandez, Cathy Haase, Derek Johnston, Jim Kelly, Michelle Kokalj, Lynn Koza, Rachel Krieger, Erik Milnes, Elaine Mueller, Linden Murdie, Joshua Plese, Kelly Price, Sheena Roach, Joel Robertson, Bryan Robinson, Trinity Saelens, Elizabeth Sherrick, Emily Soto, Amy Tate, Tyler White, and Elizabeth Zurava.

10 Years of Service
Jason Allen, Beth Binotti, Chrissy Burgess, Kristin Carlson, Amber Denato, Laverne Fatlan, Monica Iasillo, Amy Kelly, Tracy Kwasny, Matt Minich, Christine O'Brien, Ali Ogden, Ann Rolla, and Sherry Urso.

15 Years of Service
Jim Boyter, Jacqueline Downey, Janel Grzetich, Melissa Hoffart, Julie Mangan, Kathy Swzed, Karen Turk, Carrie Worrall

20 Years of Service
Renee Ebel and Matt Marino

25 Years of Service
Trent Bontrager

“One of the main reasons MCHS is successful is because of the talented people who work here,” said MCHS District 111 Director of Community Relations Dave DiLorenzo. “Every single person on staff in our district contributes to the success of our students and school regardless of if their role involves direct contact with students or not, and this was an opportunity for the district to say ‘thank you for your dedication to MCHS.’”

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