Follow-Up to Search Exercise on September 6th

Follow-Up to Search Exercise on September 6th
Posted on 09/06/2017

Minooka Community High School would like to inform you that the Minooka and Channahon Police Departments conducted an unannounced K-9 dog search of Central Campus in Minooka and South Campus in Channahon earlier this morning. During the exercise, trained police dogs examined in and around vacant classrooms, vacant common areas, student lockers, male and female physical education and athletic locker rooms, and automobiles parked in our student lots. Please note that individuals were not subjected to searches by the K-9 units.

This type of search is noted in the student/parent handbook. Please note the excerpt below:

Students are advised that lockers are school, not personal property. The District may request the assistance of law enforcement officials for the purpose of conducting reasonable searches of school grounds and lockers for illegal drugs, including the use of specially trained dogs.

Students were informed over the public address system prior to the search that the school was going to move into a “Secure All Students” exercise, but that the school was safe and secure. They were then commended after the search for their cooperation and were reminded that copies of this letter would be posted on the school’s web site for you to read at your convenience. In addition, you should have also received a telephone call through our SchoolMessenger system informing you of this exercise.

Minooka Community High School places the safety and security of its students and staff as a top priority. We take proactive measures to assure this, intervene as needed, and issue consequences confidentially to those affected.

Again, Minooka Community High School wanted to make you aware of this event in case your child happened to discuss it with you. If you have any questions regarding this exercise, please contact the main office at either campus.

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