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York is a tough place to compete. There is great competition every year and you are going against a program that has made a name for themselves when it comes to XC and Track & Field. Head Coach Stan Reddel has done a terrific job this season getting their boys working hard. Hopefully we both will be able to compete in a number events the next time we see them in late May.

We had some good performances and some not so good. We are still trying to put things all together but it is a “process” and things will come together in time. We came away with our 3rd straight 2nd Place Team finish at this meet.  We are looking forward to getting healthy, like many other teams are, and showing what we’ve got! Below are some recaps of our top performances on the night.

*Great Pics by Maceo Findlay & Josh Garcia

2014 York Indoor Invitational

1600m Relay “A”

Matt Szymel, Kyle Brown, Matt Dlugopolski, Nolan Barajas

3rd - 54.22, 54.44, 54.82. 54.84 - 3:38.67

54’s across the board. The guys were in second most of the race. I was very impressed with the way all four guys ran. Barajas was a late entry. He faded the last 50m but has talent and will get better at this race and contest for a spot on the 4x4 by the end of the season.

York Results

Field Events

Long Jump

3rd - Peter Andreano - 21’0” PR

9th - Luke St. Paul - 19’1 1/2”

Andreano competed in four events tonight and proved that he can do well in all of them. His jump of 21’0” is a new Personal Best and he is just scratching the surface of how far he can go! Luke was one of our best athletes the past couple years. He’s having a slow start this year but there is too much talent in this young man for him to struggle for a long period of time. He will be a key contributor when it’s all said and done.

Triple Jump

4th - Peter Andreano - 40’5”  

Another great performance by Andreano. He made this attempt after Long Jump and High Jump. His third and final attempt of 40’3” was made after he also ran a leg of the 4x200m Relay!

4th - Peter Andreano - 6’5”

Season best and State Qualifying Mark of 6’5” for Andreano. Extremely close to 6’6”!

6th - Nolan Barajas - 5’11”

Barajas is a 6’2” jumper who is working his way back into form. Today was a step in the right direction.

Pole Vault

4th - 12’9”

Ryan Pullara


9th - 11’3”

Brennan Loughran (Left)

Ryan Pullara, welcome to the 2014 season! After a slow start to the year, Pullara had a great night. He came down early on and kneed himself in the face and recovered to go higher. That’s a very difficult thing to do. He just missed his attempt at 13’3. Lochran continues to impress as a Freshman. He is going to be good with some technical work. Just missed 11’9”!

Shot Put

   1st - Brock Whalen - 51’8”

18th - Jake Price - 39’4 1/2”

Whalen was off today...by 1”! He’s now thrown 51’9”, 51’9” and 51’8”. It was good enough for his first win of the young season. He had a number of scratches and a throw around 48’ before capturing the event. Price was off a bit. The ring was a little different than what the boys are used to. He’ll bounce back though.

Running Prelims

55m High Hurdles

Qualified - Zach Zamora - 8.13

DQ - Shabari Bailey - 8.13 

This was a weird exciting prelim. Bailey and Zamora were in the same heat and ran the exact same time...8.13. I saw the still image on the computer. It was pretty cool. Exact tie. I was pumped! Then came the bad news. Bailey had clipped a hurdle and it ended up knocking over a Hurdle in the neighboring lane and disrupting that runner. In the rule book, this is cause for a disqualification. Bailey had a feeling when I told him. He was a good sport and shifted focus to the 55 Lows. It was Zamora’s first competed High Hurdle race of the season. It was a confidence booster for sure.

The picture below is where I think the DQ occurred. Below that is the photo finish.

55m Dash

Qualified - Devin Ingram - 6.76   

Mitch Miller - 7.02

Ingram had a nice start to qualify for finals. Miller has been extremely consistent early on. The surface was a little slick, otherwise we might have seen a new PR from him.

55m Low Hurdles

Qualified - Bobby Kaluza - 7.84

Qualified - Shabari Bailey - 7.86   

No surprise here. Kaluza and Bailey cruised into the finals.

1st Heat of 3200m Run

13th - Soren Knudsen - 10:18.13 PR

Knudsen is an extremely talented Freshman. He comes from a family with a rich running background and he has not only been running well, but executing his race strategies. He was hoping to go a little sooner but his last 400 was very special for a freshman. A 66 second split during his 3200. He has the talent to be sub 10:10 right now. It will be an exciting year this season.

“The Kick”

Running Finals

3200m Relay “B”

Justin Wolz, Michael Bozue, Jack Sullivan, Giacomo Raimondi

2nd Place - 2:09.67, 2:19.25, 2:11.34, 2:11.72 - 8:52.28

I was so impressed with Wolz and Sullivan in this relay. Wolz dropped a 3 second PR and looked great. Sullivan dropped a second off his first race and has a ton of talent.  Bozue went out hard today and paid the price a bit. He has great talent and is learning to run this event. Raimondi ran a great anchor leg and is finding consistency that he hasn’t had in the past.

3200m Relay “A”

Kyle Shelton, Kyle Brown, Ryan Weniger, Kyle Swanson

4th Place - 2:05.01, 2:06.50, 2:07.04, 2:09.81 - 8:28.63

Great run by our “A” squad today. Shelton had some elbows and bodies to deal with in his race. I’m glad though because he needs to learn how to run through that. He did okay today but once he learns out to deal with that, he’ll be able to drop three more seconds off his split. Brown worked hard, as always to keep us in contention. Weniger was running and finishing his first 800 of the season. He did a good job. He definitely was running with a purpose. Swanson ran a great anchor leg for us and crossed the line in 4th place. The boys did their jobs and earned our team two more points than what we were seeded.

3200m Run

9th - Gabe Ceballos - 10:06.35 PR

With 400m to go, I thought today was the day. Unfortunately the legs did not completely agree and Ceballos just missed his first sub 10:00 performance. It’s coming though! I still think he ran a good race. He’s working and strategizing throughout the race. It’s great to see him grow and learn as a runner.

*The winner of this race was Nolan McKenna of Wheaton Warrenville South. He ran 9:09.91 which is #1 in Illinois and a new York Field House Record!

55m High Hurdles

2nd - Zach Zamora - 8.19

Zach may have earned 2nd place today but it was a victory for him without a doubt. He will gain nothing but confidence from this performance today. It’s a great sign and I’m excited for the possibilities to come!

55m Dash

2nd - Ingram - 6.75

Devin earned 2nd place to St. Charles East star, Jordan Duncan. Ingram looked good in the race and he will definitely be motivated the next time they meet.

800m Dash

6th - Henry Bugajski - 2:07.29  

10th - Matt Sak - 2:08.06 PR

This was a tremendous race for our two young half-milers. Bugajski led the race from start to finish. He was challenged a bit on the third lap but then took control and cruised to the section 1 victory. He slipped into the 6th place finish ahead of a number of section 2 runners. Sak ran a different style race. Most of it was spent in 3rd and 4th Place before he unleashed his strong finishing kick to finish right behind his teammate. I’d love to see these two side by side the whole race. I think if they did that today, we’d have seen two 2:05 performances.

800m Relay “B”

Mike Malinowski, Ellis Fairley, Adam Campbell, Chris Hopkins

3rd - 24.05, 24.91, 25.84, 25.10 - 1:39.93

Nice run today by our “B” squad. They have not run together yet this year and the slick track coupled with the new line-up made it a bitt difficult. Malinowski, Fairley, and Campbell ran great legs. It was a nice race for Campbell. He is a freshman and has been working his tail off trying to prove himself on a talented team. He will be good as the years go on. Great experience for him. We just need to get him running in lane 1 instead of 3! Hopkins made a small error on the exchange and had trouble on the curves. He has a ton of talent though. He’s going to excel in the 55 and 60 indoors and get better at the 200 outdoors.

800m Relay “A”

Mitch Miller, Peter Andreano, Matt Dlugopolski Devin Ingram

2nd - 23.78, 24.39, 23.91, 23.41 - 1:35.78

We had to make an adjustment to our usual line-up but got a chance to see what we been trying to see in the 4x2 when we inserted Andreano. This may not have been the track to get the best out of him but I don’t think he ran a bad leg. It was nice to see Dlugopolski back in the line-up and run a nice split. Miller and Ingram remained consistent.

400m Dash

8th - Kyle Shelton - 55.35 

21st - Luke St. Paul - 59.57

This race was not the highlight of our night. Shelton was slipping all over the place and St. Paul was having a rough night.

600m Dash

1st - Matt Szymel - 1:26.91 PR - New School Record

10th - Ryan Weniger - 1:31.04

Matt Szymel has impressed all season. He has one of the Top 600 times in the state this year and he is also the owner of our 600m school record. It is a race that I wish was run more around the state, including the Illinois Prep Top Times.

55m Low Hurdles

3rd - Bobby Kaluza - 7.80

5th - Shabari Bailey - 7.89

York swept this event and pretty much cemented their victory after this race. Our two guys ran well, just not as fast as the Dukes. This was Kaluza’s only race of the night. The toughest part about having three of the state’s best in one event is that there is only two spots usually. We won’t have to worry about that for the rest of the Indoor Season since all three can compete from here on out. Outdoor will be a different story. I’m excited to watch the battle!

1600m Run

15th - Brendan McGrath - 4:44.91 PR

21st - Andy Geldean - 4:56.41

Good race for McGrath who fought through the pain after starting at 4:00 pace. He should’ve been closer to 3:37 than 4:45 but will learn from this race and get better.

200m Dash

Tied for 6th - Devin Ingram - 23.89

12th - Victor Turpin - 24.75

This wasn’t the best race for our guys. Ingram was exhausted and Turpin just had a though race.

1600m Relay “B”

Justin Wolz, Mike Malinowski, Jack Sullivan, Chris Drey

1st - 54.41, 54.53, 58.77, 55.40 - 3:43.40

One of my favorite races to watch on Friday. Wolz just impresses me every time he sets foot on the track. He got us the lead and we never looked back. Malinowski was running his first 400 of the year and showed us that he can excel in this event. Sullivan was in the same boat as Malinowski. Once he learns who to run his first lap, he will drop his time a few seconds. Drey is a good anchor to have. He will fight like mad to keep his place for the team. He just needs to stop looking behind himself.

High Jump


York Indoor Invitational


Elmhurst York


Friday, March 7th






1/8 Inch Pyramid

2013 Results

2012 Results

2014 Finish

1st Place - York - 146

2nd Place - Minooka - 104.5

3rd Place - W Warrenville So - 75

4th Place - St. Charles North - 48

5th Place - Glenbard South - 40

6th Place - Naperville North - 36

7th Place - Hersey - 33

8th Place - St. Charles East - 32

9th Place - Palatine - 31.5

10th Place - Prospect - 24

10th Place - Conant - 24

10th Place - Willowbrook - 24

13th Place - Hoffman Estates - 2

14th - Taft - 0