World Languages/Music/Art Department

The Minooka Community High School World Languages Department recognizes that the study of a foreign language is important to today's world. It encourages intellectual and cultural growth. It prepares the student to travel, live, and work among people of another culture. It opens the door to many career possibilities. Language studies also expand the student's awareness of himself as a person and as a member of his own culture. The student can compare and contrast ideas, thereby gaining a different perspective of his own society. This leads to the development of a global awareness and understanding.

The Minooka Community High School Music Department is dedicated to providing each student an opportunity to explore and develop his/her own capabilities through courses that focus on performance, aesthetic awareness, and acquaint themselves with various aspects of music theory/history.

The Minooka Community High School Art Department recognizes its function to provide a comprehensive, sequential, instructional program. The instruction shall ensure students the opportunity to develop musical and artistic skills, cultural and historical knowledge, and aesthetic appreciation that will enable the student to create, perceive and critique art and music now and in the future. The Department believes in the following concepts: art and music have aesthetic value and are worth knowing; they are a reflection of our cultural heritage; there is art and music potential in every student; art and music provide an outlet for creativity and self-expression; they teach us about our relationships with other cultures; they can be one of the most powerful and profound symbol systems; they help students learn that not all aspects of life are quantifiable.

The Seal of Biliteracy

Department Members

Jeff Easthon
Department Chair

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