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About This Department

The Minooka Community High School Science Department is committed to a laboratory approach for all classes.  Laboratory experiences involve an inquiry approach which encourages logical thought processes during the use of the scientific method, and a hands-on approach which strengthens student understanding.  Strong emphasis is placed on the use of technology for data collection and manipulation.

Scientific process skills are emphasized so that application and transfer of knowledge can be accomplished when our students encounter new information in the future.  The development of scientific reasoning helps to make the student a better citizen, enabling him/her to make intelligent, mature decisions in our highly technological global society. 

Students should follow a sequence which melds biological and physical sciences.  Integrated Environmental Science, followed by Geology or Biology, Chemistry, and Physics is the recommended sequence for college preparatory students.  Honors students experience a similar array of courses.  In addition, all students have access to a variety of courses which are suited to specific interests and medical/scientific career aspirations.

The Minooka Community High School Music Department is dedicated to providing each student an opportunity to explore and develop his/her own capabilities through courses that focus on performance, aesthetic awareness, and acquaint themselves with various aspects of music theory/history.

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Department Members

Donna Engel
Department Chair

Richard Anderson > Teacher's Web Site
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Anthony Babich > Teacher's Web Site | Teacher's Web Site
Nicholas Barello
Kevin Dorenkamper
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Lauren Dundek
Jamie Fisher
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Monica Hannigan
Tess Hilton
Melissa Hoffart
Amy Kelly
Ryan Maloney
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Samuel Pavelka
Brian Petrovic
Robert Swanson
Alexa Tancil
Kim Villani
Tyler White
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General Information

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