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About This Department

The objective of the Minooka Community High School Physical Education/Health Department is to promote life-long, health-related physical activity.  Each physical education course includes a daily physical fitness component; pre- and post-cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility assessments; and development of a personal fitness plan.

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Department Members

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Bert Kooi
Department Chair

David Barney
Jason Boe > Teacher's Web Site
Jim Boyter
Christopher Brolley
Dennis Carrabine
Johnna Franklin
Matthew Harding
Phil Harding > Teacher's Web Site
Joseph Host
Tracy Kwasny > Teacher's Web Site
Nicholas Lundin
Amy Lyons
Carrie Prosek
Bernie Ruettiger
Elizabeth Sherrick
Nathan Spriggs
Rob Torchia
Melissa Wallace
Frank Yudzentis

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General Information

To view the Curriculum Guide, please click on the appropriate school year: 2017-2018

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