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About This Department

The Minooka Community High School Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses at different levels to satisfy the needs of all students at Minooka Community High School.  We offer courses to prepare students for college, junior college, vocational, and technical schools.   In addition, the Mathematics Department offers students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit in Calculus and Statistics.

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Department Members

Jill Nehring
Department Chair

Tracey Adams > Teacher's Web Site
Jason Allen
Christina Burgess > Teacher's Web Site
Michael Butterbach
Laura Grozik >Teacher's Web Site
Christina Gussman
Jennifer Hanson >Teacher's Web Site
Michelle Heap > Teacher's Web Site
Beth Miltello
Josh Plese > Teacher's Web Site
Kelly Price > Teacher's Web Site
Derrick Rapsky
Mickey Resner > Teacher's Web Site
Bryan Robinson
Ann Rolla > Teacher's Web Site
Amy Saelens
Scott Tanaka
Thomas Tucker
Dan Williams
Jenny Wolfe > Teacher's Web Site


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General Information

To view the Curriculum Guide, please click on the appropriate school year: 2017-2018

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