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About This Department

The Minooka Community High School Career and Technical Education Department includes five Divisions: Agriculture/Horticulture, Business Technology, Family Consumer Sciences, Media Communications, and Industrial Technology.  The Department courses and curriculum revolve around providing students with learning and activities focused on helping them to be successful in their chosen careers as well as developing personal-use skills.

In addition, students are given the opportunity in their junior and senior years to enter the Internship Program.  In this program, the students are placed with corporations, companies, and other businesses in a real life work experience for which they are paid for training in occupational fields consistent with their current career interests.

The Minooka Community High School World Languages Department at Minooka Community High School recognizes that the study of a foreign language is important to today's world.  It encourages intellectual and cultural growth.  It prepares the student to travel, live, and work among people of another culture.  It opens the door to many career possibilities.  Language studies also expand the student's awareness of himself as a person and as a member of his own culture.  The student can compare and contrast ideas, thereby gaining a different perspective of his own society.  This leads to the development of a global awareness and understanding.

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Department Members

Trent Bontrager
Department Chair

Wes Anderson
Caprice Bronson > Teacher's Web Site
Sarah Cerovac
Jeffrey Easthon
Anne Fritsch
Michael Groark
Shelly Kruse
Christine Kump
Katie Meadows
Kristen North > Teacher's Web Site
Alison Ogden > Teacher's Web Site
Paige Schoolman > Teacher's Web Site
Karen Skaggs
Sara Strache > Teacher's Web Site
Karen Styrna
Richard Undesser
Adrianna Walker > Teacher's Web Site
Carrie Worrall
Adam Yakush
Julie Ziel

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General Information

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