Deans' Office

Welcome to the Deans' Office!

The mission of the Deans' Office is to support the discipline code at Minooka Community High School and ensure that our campuses are safe. It is also our desire to help foster a learning community that motivates students to achieve their highest potential. The school's discipline code promotes mutual respect among faculty and students and protects the rights of all individuals to pursue their education.

At MCHS, we seek to foster a partnership between the school and our parent community, working together to support the growth of our students. To that end, we ask your support to help create a positive learning environment for our students.

Refer to the important links provided below to answer some of the frequently asked questions relating to school policy. You may also access an electronic version of the Parent-Student Handbook. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns.

Contact Information

Deans' Office
Position - Department
Central Campus      
Kevin Murphy (815) 467-2140 ext. 5102 Dean of Students (A-L)
Mike Denson (815) 467-2140 ext. 5037 Dean of Students (M-Z)
Melanie Safarcyk (815) 467-2140 ext. 5112 Deans' Office Receptionist
Julie Feeney (815) 467-2140 ext. 5065 Secretary - Deans' Office
South Campus      
Renee Ebel (815) 521-4001 ext. 4136 Dean of Students (A-L)
Tony Garcia (815) 521-4001 ext. 4148 Dean of Students (M-Z)
Amy Hocking (815) 521-4001 ext. 4133 Deans' Office Receptionist
Jennifer Quinn (815) 521-4001 ext. 4130 Secretary - Deans' Office