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Minooka Community High School
26655 W. Eames Street
Channahon, IL 60410
(phone) 815-467-2557 | (fax) 815-467-9733


Minooka Community High School
26655 W. Eames Street
Channahon, IL 60410
(phone) 815-467-2557 | (fax) 815-467-9733

Minooka Community High School
301 S. Wabena Avenue
Minooka, Illinois 60447
(phone) 815-467-2140 | (fax) 815-467-2431

Office Hours: Monday through Friday from
7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
unless otherwise posted

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Minooka Community High School
26655 W. Eames Street
Channahon, Illinois 60410
(phone) 815-521-4001 | (fax) 815-467-6120

Office Hours: Monday through Friday from
7:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
unless otherwise posted

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MCHS email addresses consist of a staff member's first initial and entire last name, followed by "". For example, if you wanted to email John Doe, his MCHS email address would be If your computer has an email client set up, you may also simply click on an individual staff member's name listed below to email him or her.

Adams Tracey 3071 South Campus
Allen Jason 3026 South Campus
Anderson Richard 5044 Central Campus
Anderson Wesley 3027 South Campus
Anderson James 4075 South Campus
Anderson Kathy 4453 South Campus
Arlis Wendi 5201 Central Campus
Arts Workroom Fine Arts 5014 Central Campus
Attendance Box South 7010 South Campus
Attendance Box Central 7020 South Campus
Babic Peggy 5045 Central Campus
Babich Anthony 5046 Central Campus
Baker Candace 5047 Central Campus
Barello Nicholas 5048 Central Campus
Barnes Cherie 5203 Central Campus
Barney David 3029 South Campus
Batson Tammy 5049 Central Campus
Becker Dana 3005 South Campus
Belden David 3011 South Campus
Benware Randall 5050 Central Campus
Binotti Beth 5051 Central Campus
Blanco Anne 3030 South Campus
Boe Jason 5052 Central Campus
Bolek Nicole 5053 Central Campus
Bonnar Sarah 3001 South Campus
Bontrager Trent 5030 Central Campus
Bontrager Trent 4022 South Campus
Boyter Jim 3031 South Campus
Briley Ken 5016 Central Campus
Brockett Jeri 5056 Central Campus
Brolley Christopher 3032 South Campus
Bronson Caprice 5057 Central Campus
Brown Mark 5003 Central Campus
Brown Kristina 4165 South Campus
Brozovich Mike 5202 Central Campus
Burgess Christina 3043 South Campus
Butterbach Michael 3035 South Campus
Carlson Kristin 5058 Central Campus
Carrabine Dennis 3036 South Campus
Caruso Melissa 4189 South Campus
Castello Katie 4209 South Campus
Cerovac Sara 5217 Central Campus
Clark Matt 4150 South Campus
Claypool Beth 4307 South Campus
Conference Room Deans 5601 South Campus
Conference Room Principals 5602 South Campus
Conner Collette 4243 South Campus
Cornale Kelly 3024 South Campus
Corsi Lauren 4071 South Campus
Creagh Julie 3088 South Campus
D'Aguanno Vincent 3090 South Campus
Danek Heather 3022 South Campus
Denson Michael 5037 Central Campus
Devine Mike 4195 South Campus
Diamond Nicole 3079 South Campus
DiLorenzo Dave 5034 Central Campus
DiLorenzo Dave 4112 South Campus
Dorenkamper Kevin    
Dorick Brad 5060 Central Campus
Downey Erika 3017 South Campus
Dundek Lauren    
Dzak Sarah 5062 Central Campus
Easthon Jeffrey 3040 South Campus
Ebel Renee 4136 South Campus
Engel Donna 5042 Central Campus
Engel Donna 4388 South Campus
Engel Mary Lou 5063 Central Campus
Fairbairn Kathy 5067 Central Campus
Feeney Julie 5065 Central Campus
Fernandez Michelle 5001 Central Campus
Ferro Angie 4155 South Campus
Fisher Jamie 3037 South Campus
Franklin Johnna 3007 Central Campus
Fraticola Lisa 3039 South Campus
Fredricks Cori 4058 South Campus
Fritsch Anne 5208 Central Campus
Garcia Tony 4167 South Campus
Gerk Olivia 3006 South Campus
Griglione Erica 5002 Central Campus
Groark Michael 5020 Central Campus
Grosskopf Dennis 5077 Central Campus
Grozik Laura 5078 Central Campus
Grzetich Janel 4384 South Campus
Gulczynski Monica 5079 Central Campus
Gummerson Kevin 5080 Central Campus
Gussman Christina 5209 Central Campus
Hackney Sean 4060 South Campus
Hannigan Monica 3106 South Campus
Hanson Jennifer 3045 Central Campus
Harding Matt 3021 South Campus
Harding Phil 3046 South Campus
Heap Michelle 3078 South Campus
Hencinski Leslie 3048 South Campus
Highbaugh Randy 5015 Central Campus
Hilton Tess 3049 South Campus
Hocking Amy 4133 South Campus
Hoffart Melissa 5082 Central Campus
Holden Hillary 5083 Central Campus
Holden Hillary 4152 South Campus
Hopkins Jessica 5084 Central Campus
Host Joseph 3050 South Campus
Johnson Kyle 5059 Central Campus
Johnston Derek 5085 Central Campus
Jordan Marci 4199 South Campus
Kargle Michael 3051 South Campus
Kelly Amy 5087 Central Campus
Kelly Jim 4017 South Campus
Ketcham Marialisa 3067 South Campus
Kiesewetter Ronald 5036 Central Campus
Kiesewetter Ronald 4118 South Campus
Kimberlin Michael 3010 South Campus
Kinsella Carolyn 5040 Central Campus
Kinsella Carolyn 4217 South Campus
Kooi Bert 5043 Central Campus
Kooi Bert 4423 South Campus
Koza Lynn 3093 South Campus
Krakowski Kathy 4122 South Campus
Krieger Rachel 5088 Central Campus
Kruse Shelly 3052 South Campus
Kump Christine 3100 South Campus
Kwasny Tracy 3053 South Campus
Lab (483) Comp 5013 Central Campus
Lakota Lori 5204 Central Campus
Landers Laura 3054 South Campus
Ledesma Stephanie 5090 Central Campus
Lee Dr. Kenneth 4311 South Campus
Liberatore Raymond 5091 Central Campus
Library Aide 5092 Central Campus
Lincoln Kendyl 5093 Central Campus
Lundin Nicholas 3056 South Campus
Lyons Amy 3002 South Campus
Maland Mary Jo 5094 Central Campus
Maloney Ryan 5211 Central Campus
Marino Matthew 5095 Central Campus
Maruszak Ronald 5099 Central Campus
Mayfield Jennifer 4001 South Campus
Militello Beth 5096 Central Campus
Milnes Erik 5032 Central Campus
Milnes Erik 4067 South Campus
Minich Matthew 3058 South Campus
Monti Jon 5097 Central Campus
Morgan Jenny 3044 South Campus
Muehlbauer Deborah 5100 Central Campus
Mullen Michelle   South Campus
Murdie Linden 5101 Central Campus
Murphy Kevin 5102 Central Campus
Nehring Jill 5031 Central Campus
Nemeth Rebecca 3061 Central Campus
Neuring Jill 4053 South Campus
Nickel Julia 5103 Central Campus
North Kristen 3062 South Campus
O'Brien Christine 3063 South Campus
Office Music 5017 Central Campus
Office REACH 5018 Central Campus
Office Main 4001 South Campus
Office Special Ed. 4010 South Campus
Ogden Alison 3074 South Campus
P.E. Office Girls 5012 Central Campus
Pacetti Joe 5035 Central Campus
Pacetti Joe 4116 South Campus
Pavelka Samuel 3025 South Campus
Pendergast Christopher 3013 Central Campus
Petrovic Jeff 3012 Central Campus
Petrovic Brian 3068 South Campus
Plese Josh 3028 South Campus
Price Kelly 5104 Central Campus
Prosek Carrie 5105 Central Campus
Puckett Kimberly 5106 Central Campus
Quinn Jennifer 4130 South Campus
Rapsky Anne 5107 Central Campus
Rapsky Derrick 5108 Central Campus
Resner Michael 5109 Central Campus
Richardson Sharon 3072 South Campus
Riedmaier Julia 3070 South Campus
Roach Sheena 3080 South Campus
Robinson Bryan 3083 South Campus
Rolla Ann 3047 South Campus
Room Copy 5011 Central Campus
Room Conference 5603 Central Campus
Room Production 4148 South Campus
Ross Kate 5019 Central Campus
Ruettiger Bernie 5110 Central Campus
Ruettiger Patti 5205 Central Campus
Saelens Amy 5111 Central Campus
Saelens Trinity 3087 South Campus
Safarcyk Melanie 5112 Central Campus
Schoolman Paige 3016 South Campus
Seidel Anne 4108 South Campus
Sherrick Elizabeth 5219 Central Campus
Shipla Kristine 5206 Central Campus
Skaggs Karen 3015 South Campus
Smith Glenda 4201 South Campus
Soto Emily 3097 South Campus
Spriggs Nathan 3055 South Campus
Strache Sara 3014 South Campus
Styrna Karen 3075 South Campus
Swanson Robert 5210 Central Campus
Szwed Kathleen 3065 South Campus
Tanaka Scott 5116 Central Campus
Tancil Alexa 3073 South Campus
Tate Amy 3069 South Campus
Thomas Matt 5118 Central Campus
Tijerina Valerie 4216 South Campus
Tischer Janis 3081 South Campus
Tischer Stan 4164 South Campus
Torchia Rob 3082 South Campus
Torres Andres 3092 Central Campus
Troutman Lawrence 5207 Central Campus
Troy John 4294 South Campus
Tucker Thomas 3084 South Campus
Turk Karen 5119 Central Campus
Tyrell Robert 5120 Central Campus
Undesser, III Richard 5068 Central Campus
Vandolson Bob 5069 Central Campus
Villani Kimberly 3066 South Campus
Walker Adrianna 3057 South Campus
Ward Colleen 4311 South Campus
Warning Melissa 5070 Central Campus
Weiss Troy 3110 South Campus
Wendlick Robert 5071 Central Campus
White Bobbi 5072 Central Campus
White Tyler 3085 South Campus
Wikoff Matthew 5038 Central Campus
Wilhelm Yolanda 5073 Central Campus
Williams Dan 5074 Central Campus
Williamson Chris 3094 South Campus
Wolfe Jenny 3033 South Campus
Workroom English 5004 Central Campus
Workroom Social Studies 5005 Central Campus
Workroom SPED 5006 Central Campus
Workroom Science 5007 Central Campus
Workroom CTE 5008 Central Campus
Workroom Math 5009 Central Campus
Workroom Teacher 5010 Central Campus
Workroom Math 4036 South Campus
Workroom Social Studies 4043 South Campus
Workroom Science 4045 South Campus
Workroom English 4054 South Campus
Workroom World Lang. 4060 South Campus
Workroom CTE 4068 South Campus
Workroom Custodial 4098 South Campus
Workroom PE 4126 South Campus
Workroom Health 4127 South Campus
Workroom Cooking 4142 South Campus
Workroom (3rd Fl.) Science 4091 South Campus
Workroom (3rd Fl.) World Lang. 4095 South Campus
Worrall Carrie 3099 South Campus
Wych Gina 3023 South Campus
Yakush Adam 3009 Central Campus
Yudzentis Frank 5075 Central Campus
Ziel Julie 5214 Central Campus
Zurava Elizabeth 3101 South Campus