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Registration Packets

To download a registration packets for a student returning in 2017-2018, please select the appropriate link:
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Curriculum Guide

The MCHS curriculum guide is designed to help you, the student, plan your program of study from the variety of courses offered at the school. The curriculum guide also allows parents to consider the various options available for students. Regardless of whether you plan to pursue a college degree, attend technical school, join the military, enter an apprenticeship program, or join the workforce immediately after high school, the courses you choose in high school will have a definite impact upon your success once you graduate.

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Student Handbook

The MCHS District 111 is provided to all MCHS District 111 students at the beginning of each school year and outlines the Board of Education's policies and expectations for overall student conduct. This document is available to parents either through download on this web site or through hard copy pickup at either school's main office. If you have questions about the handbook, please contact the Central Campus Main Office at 467-2140 or the South Campus Main Office at 815-521-4001.

Click here to download the current MCHS District 111 Student Handbook.

Certificate of Child Health Examination

All students entering as freshmen or as transfer students must have a physical exam form completed and ready to turn in the first day of school. State law also requires that all students entering school be immunized against polio, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), measles, mumps, and rubella. In addition, all students must show proof of receiving the Hepatitis B vaccination series. Proof of immunity is verified by documented evidence by a health care provider of having received the vaccine or of having had the disease. State law provides that students who do not meet these requirements be excluded from school. Student transferring from another state must have a current physical completed on an Illinois comparable health form on their first day of school.

Vision and hearing screening will be done, as mandated, for freshmen during the semester in which they have physical education and for new students in the school district. Students will not be required to undergo this vision screening if an optometrist or ophthalmologist has completed and signed a report form indicating that an examination has been administered within the previous 12 months and that evaluation is on file at the school

Click here to download the State of Illinois, Department of Human Services, Certificate of Child Health Examination Form.

State Universities in Illinois - At a Glance

This document provides an overview of the course requirements, fields of study, and other details of college and universities in Illinois.

Click here to download State Universities in Illinois - At a Glance

12 Reasons to Stay in Illinois

This document provides a one-page snapshot of twelve Illinois state college and universities.

Click here to download 12 Reasons to Stay in Illinois

Financial Fit

Between student loans, financial aid, and tuition rates, the cost of college can be a major concern - and very confusing - for parents of high school students. Benedictine University has sponsored our high school, providing access to a valuable resource that helps you through the entire paying-for-college process.

Click here for instructions on how to access Financial Fit.