A Detention period will be assigned at both campuses for violations of school rules and will consist of the assignment of an additional 50 minute period after the regular school day Monday through Friday. A student who is assigned a detention from a staff member of a Dean has the option of serving the detention the day it is assigned or the following day. A student will not be admitted without producing their student I.D. Student without I.D. can serve the detention if they purchase a temporary I.D. at a cost of $1.00, or fill out an I.O.U. Detention dates, once determined, will not be changed except for reasons of unexpected emergency or by permission from the Dean. This is to allow the students time to make transportation arrangements with their parents. A parental request to the dean must be received before any consideration for change is given. Student employment or athletic practices or contests are not just cause for a detention change. A detention not served due to absence is automatically rescheduled for the day the student returns to school. It is the student's responsibility to notify his/her parents/guardians of the assigned detention. Reminder that a Dean's detention = 1 demerit.

If a student fails to report for an assigned detention the following will occur:

First Offense - One four (4) hour Saturday detention will be assigned. If the student does not attend an assigned detention the dean will follow the established progressive discipline. Teachers can issue personal detentions. The student reports to the teacher issuing the detention rather than the detention hall. Personal detentions will not be included in the total that could lead toward student suspension. Failure to serve a personal detention will result in a regular detention.

After school detention at Central Campus is in room 131. After school detention at the South Campus is in room 183. After school detentions begin 10 minutes after the end of the school day. All Saturday detentions are held at South Campus, and students need to report to Door 21. Saturday detention hall begins at 8:00 A.M.

To read more about the 4 Step approach, see the student handbook.


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