Career Day Offers Post-High School Perspectives to Students

Career Day Offers Post-High School Perspectives to Students
Posted on 10/27/2017

(Minooka) - If you ask any high school junior what their most pressing decision currently is, most would reference the need to solidify their post-high school plans. Whether these plans involve continuing education or going straight into the workforce, much thought and research needs to take place in order for these students to make the best decision that fits their needs and career ambitions.

To help them with this, the Minooka Community High School Student Services Office hosted its annual Career Day on October 25, 2017, at which students learned about a variety of careers as presented by local professionals.

For the event, students are asked to sign-up in advance for four, forty-five minute presentations. The presentations are arranged on the basis of student feedback from the previous year’s event.

“One reason we offer this program to juniors is because, by this time of year, they should be narrowing their search process for college,” MCHS school counselor Ray Liberatore said. “Listening to these presentations will hopefully provide them with those last bits of helpful information to come close to finalizing that process.”

“We also want to make sure students are provided with practical, real-world perspectives that are based on professional experience,” he added. “We hope these presentations are able to spark a career interest or reaffirm a career choice. In the end, we want our students to make as well of an informed decision as possible when it comes to their post high school plans.”

Minooka Community High School would like to thank the following local professionals for participating in the 2017 Career Day: Dr. Debbie Fitzgerald - Nursing, Glen Van Drie - Engineering, Heather Johnston - Nurse Practitioner, Sandy Streu - Occupational Therapist , Shannon Kleczka - Social Worker, Dr. Patrick Minor - Chiropractor, Patricia Grawey-Beeler - Choreography/Theatre, Jim Cebulski - Welding, Jim Murphy - Attorney, Linda Jaskoviak - Music, Ron Kieswetter - Secondary Education, Dave DiLorenzo - Public Relations, Mark Schuster - Chemical Engineer , Kayleigh Krol - Designer, Matt Cappellini - Culinary, Dr. Kurt Homb - Dentist, Keith McGill - Aviation, David Hill - Financial Advisor , Chuck Gniech - Art, Scott Tanaka - Coaching, Det. Ryan McDonald - Criminal Justice, Zachary Davis - Physical Therapy, Wayne Gawlik - Business, Leanne Dammann - Computers, Lauren Ward - Nutritionist, Linden Murdie - Special Education, Sgt. James Sinovich - Military, Dr. Margie Bundy - Veterinarian , Deb Eungard - Early Childhood Education, Matt Muelbauer - Fire Science, Anna Burke - Speech Pathology , Tara Laken - Accounting, Josh Graf - Automotive, Chris Howicz - Electrician, Randy Highbaugh - Athletic Training, Scott Slocum - Communications, Laura Petrick - Elementary Education, John Carnagio - Private Business, and Shannon Kleczka - Social Worker.

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